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Jalapeno/Bacon poppers

No picture, cause i ate them all, had leftovers but I ate them as a snack; so good. 

So I will give anyone reading the recipe instead. 

About a pound of jalapenos. washed, cut in half, (thirds for larger pieces), remove insides seeds and core components and cut off top

Bacon, half or lightly cooked in a microwave (45 seconds or so), 6-8 strips.

Plan to cover every segment of jalapeno with bacon, to decide how much bacon you need.

250g of cream cheese, apply liberally to the jalapeno slices. fill the slices if needed. 

Cover the filled slices with a bacon segment. I apply salt on the top of the bacon to enhance it’s savory nature.  

Spray/grease a pan and bake at 400 until cheese starts cracking/browning, bacon gets crispy, bottom of jalapenos starts to get darkened. (basically you don’t want them to burn, and the ingredients will mature texture/flavor wise the longer you cook them)  15-25 minutes

Super simple, 4 ingredients, delicious. great for an appetizer, even though It was my supper tonight.  

The cheese and bacon decrease the spice, but it may still be spicy for some. I found that after the first 2 my mouth adjusted.

Finger food so toothpicks for germophobes. 

My grocery store was severely understocked on milk, they had 2L (1/2 gallons) with short expiry dates. So I had too much milk and not enough time to drink it. so i made ricotta. and then sprinkled it with paprika since it looked so boring. 
kinda worried i got low yield, but my biochem knowledge states i shouldn’t have with my procedures and planned overshoot. I think the recipe called for whole milk. so low fat Riccota, but slightly less.

My grocery store was severely understocked on milk, they had 2L (1/2 gallons) with short expiry dates. So I had too much milk and not enough time to drink it. so i made ricotta. and then sprinkled it with paprika since it looked so boring.

kinda worried i got low yield, but my biochem knowledge states i shouldn’t have with my procedures and planned overshoot. I think the recipe called for whole milk. so low fat Riccota, but slightly less.

made Keema Matar from scratch.
basically a Indian curry with beef and peas.
Spicy fingers suck and onions take for ever to carmel.

made Keema Matar from scratch.

basically a Indian curry with beef and peas.

Spicy fingers suck and onions take for ever to carmel.

TV shows to watch

with so many ranking systems out there it’s tricky to make out what reall is good and what is kinda meh. high rankings aside

well I found one that might be as good as the really interesting netflix highest rated shows. often reflecting on guilty pleasure shows, or cult hits. but often streaming media rankings seem different. alot of it is in modern light, as many modern shows have already picked the good unique ideas out of old shows and use modern techniques on top of them.

but on to topic

primewire top 50 on tv

1.Game of Thrones (would make it up there in my top 50, not #1 for sure)

2.True Detective (watching, i love crime tales, could be legit at that rank)

3.Breaking Bad (great show, great small touches)

4. Almost Human (ok new show, some mixed acting and writing, inconsistencies because of adjusted episode order. great potential)

5. Sherlock (tried season one, did not like acting styles, especially moriarty. haven’t tried again since)

6. Person of Interest (brought me to tumblr, great meta/procedural hybrid, might be over the shark, between major arcs right now)

7. Suits (very good legal story, have been meaning to get back into it, made it to episode 7, stopped for no reason)

8. Orange is the new black (great story arcing, main character is intolerable but does a good job of sympathizing the ensemble while making you understand they deserve to be in jail)

9. Hell on Wheels( a lot of fun, survives on Saturday night off of network, one of my guilty pleasures)

10. The Escape Artist( BBC, never watched, will have to research/get feedback on it. first time in my pondering list)

11. Orphan Black (been on pondering list long time, some day I’ll watch it)

12. Rick and Morty (never heard of it, needs another input before i take it seriously)

13. Arrow (never really moved by the few arrow eps i saw, CW production styles are getting so damn lazy. though i know a lot of fans)

14. Go On (heard good things, never too huge on nbc comedy styles)

15. Peaky Blinders (basically bbc boardwalk as far as I’ve heard, though fairly good, maybe someday)

16. Utopia (perverse and twisted, I loved this bizarre story. Haunting theme song)

17. Black Sails (hear some good things, like vikings its middle of list till I get a big positive input)

18. Firefly (great series, some inconsistencies, episode order plagued by FOX, had a lot of potential to keep moving forward, watched it with fastlane when first aired)

19. Ray Donovan (a bit exploitative in the hollywood and church scandal culture. By far the best writing of family, brothers and the male experience by a woman writer I have ever seen. Great secondary characters i want to get legs)

20. Rectify (cool concept, really got pushed up my ponder by this, haven’t watched)

21. Hannibal (great cinematography, a bit over the top and a bit exploitative. side characters underutilized, over use of hypnotic suggestion but it’s par for the whole series so it’s fine)

22. Luther (one of my favorite crime series, later episodes are less awesome then early ones but always good for a terrifying criminal. awesome acting, production etc.)

23. Bates Motel (my mom says it’s awesome, but she has very broad taste in good. heard some good things outside of that though)

24. House of Cards (not big on political stuff, but highly renowned, very high on my to watch list)

25. Last Tango in Halifax (all of my what, no idea what this is, need to research)

26. Vikings (another show my mom watches, heard mixed things. hard to trust history channel for quality again)

27. Under the Gun (no idea, research needed)

28. Ripper Street (another historical fiction piece. not sure how it ranks with all the others being made these days. haven’t heard many real great reviews of it)

29. The Walking Dead (inconsistencies abound, but still watching after all these years. the “CSI” for the people digging through the great tv of our age. everyone watches it, but its comparatively average. great use of practical affects.)

30. Life below 0 (first of the modern docu/realty on the list, of people living in the North. see some of it, not too interesting but palatable)

31. Castle (mom’s favorite show, merely ok but i am the harshest critic of crime/mystery procedural imaginable. a better paced character meta-arc then bones)

32. Masters of Sex (hear great things)

33. Friends (a classic, watched all of it with my sister back in the day. early seasons always the best. all main characters have periods when they are insufferable)

34. Justified (started with “big bad of the season”, is breaking free into a larger ensemble tale, Walter Goggins and timothy olyphant are awesome. Great procedural/meta hybrid)

35. The Returned (I have had previous posts about how good this is. Most characters are kinda gray, great mood, very creepy at times)

36. Hart of Dixie (heard things, CW stink makes me scared to touch it)

37. Low Winter Sun (too drab and boring, never got into the characters, gave up after 3-4 eps.)

38. The Village (no idea, research required)

39. Karl Pilkington:the Moaning of Life (british comedian, i assume it is non-fiction. have heard nothing about it.)

40. The Paradise (never heard of it, research required)

41. Doctor Who (plan to start with next doctor, complaints abound on writer, but I hear good things as well)

42. The White Queen (on starz, might check out, worry about cinemax/stars shows since they are bad for violence/sex baited shows)

43. Chicago Fire (heard some good things, probably low on my list)

44. Originals (CW stuff again, though i hear it’s less melodramatic then twd. never got into either series)

45. LilyHammer (british crime drama, heard good things about it and some other brit crime stuff, yet to have had many successes)

46. Attack on Titan (only anime on list, very good, some of source changes from manga but still pretty well done. brilliant action animation)

47. Longmire (heard things, not high on list, so much to watch)

48. ATLA (first avatar series, very well written and better balanced then later series. also much better comedy)

49. Graceland (usa show, heard very little about it)

50. Line of Duty (british crime drama?? need to research)

Interestingly my other considering shows not on this list being Boardwalk Empire, Real Humans, Black Mirror and Southland didn’t show up at all.

Lastly since you are reading while thinking about shows to watch i will give a small bit of advice. On high density wordplay humor/parodies.

Basically the original Police Squad. Leslie Nielsen. you can watch it all on youtube. (only 6 episodes, too ahead of it’s time) makes fun of 60/70s police tv shows.

and Archer, Which is animated but in a similar vain of comedy with oddly consistent plot points, running jokes and clever wordplay. But instead making fun of spy noir. 

If you made it through my post, thanks for reading. feedback on my shows to research would be much obliged.

POI episode listings.

we are moving up over time. but the season 2 ending and season 3 beginning seem to be weaker then season 1 ending and season 2 opening pacing.

Graph TV  to see how your favorite shows have done/are doing.

This is IMDB and between rotten tomatoes, and metacritic they all have their flaws. heavy favoring of newer work on imdb, rotten crushed more niche audiences and meta critic usually is full of worrisome reviews by established critics which are hit or miss. (always a good review by some newspaper for every movie)

this time i have lemon meringue. early thanksgiving, never got eaten, thus it became number’s. (skinniest and well i also brought it, so thus i take it)

this time i have lemon meringue. early thanksgiving, never got eaten, thus it became number’s. (skinniest and well i also brought it, so thus i take it)

Omg a post from numbers, and a Person of Interest scene from primere

I Know i’m bad, i don’t tumblr right, i just browse my dash, enjoy the suffering of others to plot twists i seen coming or i read the book. I also use it for relapse hype from what i just watched as well, since a lot of shows I like have smaller communities and tumblr has a few smaller communities covered(there is a bias, but all social media sites have one). Also of note, genny since I think it was you who also watched Haven, it’s back.

So yeah, i post my own content only unless I’m commenting on something, or adding something I can’t find anywhere else.

So here, a Person of Interest clip from one of my sites for media news, and one i haven’t seen before. and no gifs or captures in person of interest tag. most media news sites are parasites and false report so hard( fake Jurassic park 4 art), so i stick to the one that reviews a lot a has exclusive content. IGN being one of them, enjoyed all the vin diesel riddick covereage. not the best written series but I like it.

SO rambling aside Become a Person of Interest and Check out an Exclusive Clip from the Season 3 Premiere - IGN

exclusive content, it’s shifty but this one pays off.

And i will try to like and post a little more. been busy with other projects

1 year old

my blog is a year old, and as dead as ever. 1 year no reblogs. I know i do it wrong, but those who enjoy my rare postings, ty.

found a new nolan interview, if your interested, not huge on poi but it’s decent enough. ign podcast

I suck

Is there a slang term for when your moving loads of laundry about, look at the clock to see when the loads will be done, set the settings and leave the room till the allotted time you assume the slow ass dryer will be done. only to discover your clothes are still wet in the dryer because you didn’t start the machine. Now you have got 2 loads of wet laundry and no way to make back that hour because  the dryer is the annoying rate-limiting-step in the whole laundry ‘song and dance’.

day 1 challenge. i went real annoying with this one because i was bored.

day 1 challenge. i went real annoying with this one because i was bored.

Summer tv shows? try this.

we are a few weeks from the big shows of showtime and hbo for the summer. all i have is the odd bit of venture bros. and hannibal with a bit of Canadian programming that will eventually be picked up and rebroadcast on American cable.

So for the others days of the week it’s back-logged tv and other internet entertainment………….

The Returned :Pilot

maybe not. I found a new show. it’s French and it has a nice 4400, twin peaks, the killing feel to it. good sound work and cinematography, vague exposition that is easy to read through and piece together what happen, a great mystery without the need of heavy cgi (thus far) . large cast, all linked together, seems to be small town based and  intriguing story play so far. very stephan king lik but in a mountain town on a lake in france instead of Maine.

synopsis: basically some people who have died via various means in the small town start returning,

Being Canadian i have a higher tolerance to french subtitles as well as being a fast reader and knowing a few phrases in Spanish, Russian and Japanese have helped me in watching/reading media from such respective countries and stay ahead of the subtitles(fast reading also helps)

but my whole point is if your not used to reading subtitles from indy films, anime, asian action films or bilingualism I’m sorry it might be tricky. though no one really you should be ok. but it is in subtitiles

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Thanks coops don’t forget to give genny birthday wishes as well.

Having fun with character creators

no matter if it’s a video game or promo stuff. it’s always fun

SPN season 8 finale

I liked the metatron twist. wished dean would have finished the trial then decided not to close the door, not completing the trials meaning they close the door automatically. there is a difference and it was referenced. also all this demon angel shit demons must be getting low in stock too. Also with crowley shouldn’t his soul pass on. Also consequences of closing the doors to hell sounded more dire then the death of the closer. seriously the boys have sacrificed shit over and over. Dean is the worst he should have the constitution of a god. he has been tortured by adverse realities, traveled through time, entered all domains, tortured most beings in existence, died, worked as a reaper, etc etc. every inch of his being has been tortured and subverted to most supernatural ship imaginable. As bad ass as he walks about he should actually be a lot more fearless, knowledgeable, tolerant and decisive. so much drama from a supposed bad boy who’s “seen it all”. He should have let sam go, seriously. God or another force would bring him back but at least he did the right damn thing. Now angels are everywhere. As much as i Liked the twist why can’t we get so clarification on the domain of power of fates, gods(all the types), angels, demons, reapers, magicians and the fairies/leprechauns. All the teasing of soul powers and the boys have dabbled in telepathy as ghost and pimp handing with demon blood. They must be closer to understanding shit then the act. 

But it seems as next season will have human cas and human crowley. sam and dean, garth and maybe kevin, scared little angels. maybe they can close so of the open loops. Or they could have evil fairy king invasion or something. or even Cthulu if they so choose.

But for me spn is torture. as I’m a plot whore and for as much world building they do they like to fumble about and make repetitive loops in character development.

But i guess there is hope for a next season with new big bads from one of the other primal dimensions, old friends returning and so forth. Sucks meg died her’s and cas’s relationship might bring to question the only possible hybrids of the soul base entities that are demons, angels, demon knights, arch angels, ghost, humans, antichrist and nephilim. Or they could have the angel dean boned way back when giving birth because she fell and is no longer infertile and so forth. new nephilim. I’d like a return of cool little antichrist boy or artemis(as she is supposed to be a hunter ally) . so many loose ends and i really wish with all these tablets about that maybe we can finish the lore about demons and angels, so that maybe they can be a rare treat in later seasons. like evil humans(there is no monster, psych), vamps, werewolves,  etc. etc.

I know the long arcs make for better seasons but we get so caught up in them we don’t get as much new content. like how are hell hounds made? what happened to norse gods?(did sam keep the hammer) greek gods? what’s difference from hodoo to the james mastersons magic dudes? what happened to Kali? and Lastly. what happned to the old OG of them all Death. seriously god and death are the top teirs, though they can be manipulated by god’s creations due to plotsense. i thought maybe the horsemen one was a fairy other was a magician and war was aries. lucifer getting best of all worlds except an Alpha and having the big badass himself dead controlled. But what of death, we need him more. i know he isn’t nearly pretty enough for most cw viewers but he just carries so much power and gravitas.